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  • Progress Bars

    [fildisi_title heading=”h6″]Progress Bars[/fildisi_title]

    This element creates horizontal bars that get animated in accord with the percent given; the best way to show your skills in a visual way.

    [fildisi_empty_space height_multiplier=”2x”]
    [fildisi_progress_bar bar_style=”style-2″ values=”90|Development,80|Design,70|Marketing|black,95|Support” bar_height=”5″][fildisi_empty_space height_multiplier=”2x”][fildisi_progress_bar values=”90|Development,70|Marketing,95|Support” color=”black”]
    [fildisi_title]Our Services[/fildisi_title]

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    [fildisi_empty_space][fildisi_progress_bar bar_style=”style-2″ values=”90|Development,80|Design,70|Marketing,95|Support” color=”primary-5″ bar_height=”5″]