Types of
Dance Classes

A class designed to enhance the coordination of the ankles and feet, by striking the floor in a rhythmic fashion. It teaches center floor work and progress in tapping with clarity, speed, style and knowledge of terminology.

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A stylized technique based class that emphasizes long lines and musicality. As an ever changing art form, jazz encompasses many forms of technique from contemporary to musical theater. Class focuses on flexibility, strength, turns, leaps and jazz choreography. Jazz is specifically used to teach personal expression and help dancers find their personal style and voice, as well as body control and awareness.

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A class designed to develop grace, flexibility and coordination. It teaches classical ballet techniques, which include barre work, ballet stretches, center floor work, variations, body alignment, proper placement and posture. Ballet provides a foundation for all other forms of dance as well as conditioning for sports and injury prevention.

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For the more advanced ballet student, Pointe is offered. With a strong technical background, students are attired with Pointe shoes to learn barre, center floor and various combinations with emphasis on body alignment and strength. (Pointe is not offered before the age of 10)

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Fun, energetic freestyle dance characterized by double time stomping and tap steps. It resembles tap dance, however traditionally the upper body is held straight and upright.

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Pom Dance
This has been known in the past as our Cheer Dance class. Dancers will learn level changes, crisp sharp movement with a jazz style and intricate formations. There will be a “pom” rental fee of $25 for the year as well as a required shoe ( black jazz slip on boot )

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Hip Hop
This class is high-energy and fun for both boys and girls who want to learn a style influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. Hip Hop is a freestyle dance form that evolved from break-dance, street dance, urban and jazz into one of the most popular forms today. Classes include conditioning and warm-up, simplified break down of each step, skill combinations and choreography. All moves and music are age appropriate and level specific.

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Dance Play { Ages 2 to 3 }
An introduction to ballet and basic classroom procedure. Dance Play is great for improving motor skills, coordination, balance, and gaining a sense of rhythm.

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Tumble { Beginner to Advanced }
Comprehensive gymnastics training from beginners to advanced, in all aspects of floor tumbling. This includes cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, handsprings, intricate passes, aerials and much more.

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Competitive Company
Company is designed for the serious dancer! (Auditions required)
It is an advanced technique class, with an emphasis on choreography and performance. Company requires previous training in ballet and jazz. Previous training in ballet, jazz and Leaps & Turns technique.

We have a company for every age group:

Pink Ice, Blue Sapphires, Red Rubies, and White Diamonds who compete in jazz, production and a third specialized routine specific to each company. We also have competitive Hip Hop and Tap Teams.

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Musical Theatre

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Leaps & Turns Technique
This class will be focused on teaching the dancers proper technique. This class will incorporate bar work as well as sequences across the floor.

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This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance. The steps and terminology that are taught in ballet, jazz and modern classes are both taught during this class. Dancers work to connect their steps together with fluidity and grace, using emotion to elicit movements. In addition, at this level, dancers focus on increasing their strength and flexibility.

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All Boys Hip Hop and Tumble
Boys can benefit from dance and the confidence and strength that dance builds. This class is designed to encourage athleticism for boys ages 7 and up. Boys process new information in a different way than girls and will feel more comfortable and accomplished in an environment designed just from them. This class will focus on break dancing moves, hip hop tricks, freezes and tumble skills.

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Classes are open to
Boys & Girls
ages 2 - Adult

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

1 Hour

1 1/4 Hour

1 1/2 Hour

1 3/4 Hour

2 Hours

2 1/4 Hours

2 1/2 Hours

2 3/4 Hours

3 Hours

3 1/4 Hours

3 1/2 Hours

3 3/4 Hours

4 Hours

4 1/4 Hours

4 1/2 Hours

4 3/4 Hours

5 Hours

5 1/4 Hours

5 1/2 Hours

5 3/4 Hours

6 Hours

6 1/4 Hours

6 1/2 Hours

6 3/4 Hours

7+ Hours = Unlimited Classes































Please add your total time in the studio per week, PER STUDENT to determine your monthly cost.

You may take $10 off monthly tuition for the second child for our sibling discount.

Example: Child one takes 2 hours a week at $88/month and child two takes 1 hour at $58/month. You would pay $88 + $58 = $146 - 10% sibling discount is $131.40 for the month.

Please drop your tuition payment in the payment box located in the lobby. Please place payments in the envelopes provided.

Make sure to complete the information on the front of the envelope in order for us to know who and what the payment is for.

If you do not put your check in an envelope, please include your child’s name and what you are paying for in the memo section of your check.

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